QWhat is an e+l Barre workout?

Elegance and Life Barre is a comprehensive, total body workout that incorporates major muscle groups in such a unique way that it literally reshapes the whole body, in turn, creating a more elegant and elongated physique, without adding bulk.

Our  low-impact workout is great for all ages and all fitness levels as we protect the joints by avoiding any bouncing or jumping. Our Barre classes challenge the body’s strength and endurance through small, isometric movements with the use of a set of hand weights, resistances band, a core ball, and the ballet Barre for support.  As our workout is strategically set to fun and upbeat music, no dance experience is required!

We encourage our clients to come to e+l Barre to focus on YOU and to find YOUR mental and physical “release” for an hour. As our muscle group exercises are challenging, our  stretching portions of class are invigorating as we dim the lights, change the pace of the music, and breathe into deep lengthening stretches to elongate the body and work on flexibility.  Our final “cooldown” is devoted to releasing every muscle in the body and finding a moment for yourself,  Just to Breathe. 


QWho can attend an e+l Barre Class?

As we find our Barre workout to be most appealing for women, men are also welcome to attend our strength training classes! Our demographics typically range in age from 18 to 70 years of age as our workout is challenging, yet easy on the joints! We encourage clients of all ages and fitness levels to attend our classes as each client will be challenged at a level  appropriate for achieving YOUR personal best!

Interested in Yoga? We also offer a GREAT Yoga class on Fridays at 9:45am with Claire that is perfect for men and women and is tailored towards your fitness goals!


QHow soon will I see results?

Great question! With our proper instruction and technique from our e+l Barre certified Instructors, our clients see and feel results immediately as we work to sculpt those major muscle groups. We strongly encourage 3-5 classes per week to reach your full potential!


QWhat do I wear or bring to class?

You’ll be most comfortable completing each class in fitted fitness and/or yoga attire.  Additionally, grip socks should be worn in each class as they help you maximize your workout by sticking into your positions and not sliding on our hardwood floors!

We kindly provide Spa towels and water for your convenience.

Need fitness apparel? We’ve got you covered with all of your fitness needs! Feel free to step into our e+l Barre Lounge to enjoy our latest, high quality, “Athletic Couture” from our exclusive partners from Beyond Yoga, Alo Yoga, Splits 59, and Karma Wear. Looking for accessories to complete your Barre apparel? We also carry fabulous grip socks from Shashi Grip Socks, Lily and Laura bracelets,  Dye Tyes headbands and hair ties, and e+l Barre tanks, tees, and water bottles!


QDoes e+l Barre Studio offer childcare?

Absolutely! For a nominal fee, our studio is equipped with a child care facility as well as child care associate. As space is limited, please contact our studio 24 hours in advance to ensure care.


Studio Policies

We encourage our clients to make reservations in advance. Reservations may be made online or by calling our studio. Naturally, we will always do our best to accommodate walk-ins.

We do ask that our new clients arrive at least ten minutes prior to their first class to fill out our E+L welcome packet as well as receive a brief orientation of the new studio!