First Time At The Barre?

Looking for an introduction to our low impact, total body workout? Our strength training barre classes challenges the body’s strength and endurance through small, isometric movements that are great for all ages and all fitness levels! Start with our New Client packages to get started!


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New Client First Month Unlimited Package



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Can’t Get Enough Barre?

If your goal is to tighten, tone, and sculpt your body, let us help you to achieve your personal fitness goals! Our total body workout incorporates major muscle groups in such a unique way that it literally reshapes the whole body, without adding bulk. We recommend attending class at least 3-5 times per week in order to see and feel your desired results. Our Unlimited Classes allow you to Barre as often as you like!

**If you’re averaging at least 10 classes per month, this option will offer the most savings on a per class basis. These memberships can be purchased under “Contracts” in our online retail store or in our studio.


One Month Unlimited Barre


$175 per month

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Six Months Unlimited Barre


$153 per month

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Barre For Every Schedule.

Too busy to commit to a monthly membership but still desire the benefits of barre? Check out our class packages to meet your goals at your pace. Classes never expire, and are the perfect way to find your “release” for an hour by adding Barre into your busy schedule.


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10 Class Package



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